February 28, 2020
  • Sports

    Ten Sports Moments That Shook the World

    Sometimes it’s more than just a game.  Sport has the power to effect, and be effected by, the forces of history in ways that few other institutions can.  It can both incite and unite, change minds and [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest Movie Characters

    Here are the 100 most memorable, well-crafted, mesmerizing, hilarious, or just plain bad-ass characters of the past 60 years. Vito Corleone-The Godfather Hannibal Lector- Silence of the Lambs James Bond- Goldfinger Michael Corleone- The Godfather The [...]
  • Music

    20 Artists Who Changed The Game

    The following artists were not selected because they are the best musicians of their respective genres, though many are.  They were not selected because they were the very first to do what they did, though many [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Best Modern Documentaries

    For all the talk of Peak TV, its often overlooked how much we’re truly living in the golden age of the documentary.  We’ve got Netflix, HBO, ESPN, and PBS pumping out documentary films at record [...]
  • Television

    The Greatest Modern Limited Series

    The twenty greatest limited series of the 21st century.  The rules: –No docuseries. –No multi-season anthology series a la Fargo, Luther or American Horror Story. –Even if they were original intended as a limited series, [...]




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