May 18, 2024
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    The Fifty Greatest Modern Actresses

    The 49 greatest modern actresses not named Meryl in film history, ranked by overall career, acting range, and movie resume. Films that best typify each thespian’s prowess are loosely ranked within. Meryl Streep (born 1949): [...]
  • Television

    The Greatest Modern Television Shows

    Couple ground rules.  For starters, we’ll be using 2000 as the demarcation line for what should be considered modern.  This seemed like a natural cutoff point, as premium TV was emerging and the medium was [...]
  • Sports

    The 50 Greatest Boxers of the Modern Era

    The 50 greatest pound-for-pound boxers of the modern era (post 1940), ranked by overall record, belts held and legendary fights fought.   1)  Sugar Ray Robinson (1940-1965) Middleweight, welterweight Record: 175-19-6-2 (109 KOs) World welterweight [...]
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    The 50 Best New England Breweries

    The 50 best breweries in New England right now.  While it’s really all about the beer, additional considerations were given to distribution reach, influence, taproom vibe, and artwork. Tree House (Charlton, MA)  Founded by Dean [...]
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    The 100 Greatest People of Comedy

    The 100 greatest contributors to the art and business of comedy in the modern age. (post-Lenny Bruce circa 1965)  Contributions can come in the form of standup, sketch, or film and television performance, writing, and/or [...]





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