June 18, 2021
  • Sports

    The Best American Sports Cities

    The best American sports cities, ranked by team success, historical significance and year-to year relevancy. The criteria: –Must have at least 2 professional teams of the big four sports. (Sorry San Antonio) –Both past and present performance [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest People of Comedy

    The 100 greatest contributors to the art and business of comedy in the modern age. (post-Lenny Bruce circa 1965)  Contributions can come in the form of standup, sketch, or film and television performance, writing, and/or [...]
  • Television

    Battle of the Networks: The Current Top Ten

    The top TV networks, ranked by the impact, influence, and quality of both current and formerly-running properties. HBO currently leads Netflix for overall swagger, with FX hot on on their heels.   1) HBO: Launched [...]
  • Movies

    Classic Screen Debuts

    A collection of the best before-they-were-stars big and small screen appearances from across Youtube.  Screen debuts featured whenever available. Bryan Cranston- Sam in 1982’s Crisis Counselor (early screen role; screen debuted in 1968 episode of [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Most Essential Movies 1967-1989

    The 100 films you’d be most offended to learn your best friend hasn’t yet seen.  Using the collapse of the studio system and the rise of New Hollywood as a natural dividing line, this list [...]




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