December 4, 2022
  • Sports

    The Ten Greatest Sports Franchises

    New York Yankees In 1920, Babe Ruth joined the New York Yankees. In the 90 years that would follow, the pinstripes would appear in what would feel like almost every other World Series hence, en [...]
  • Movies

    The Most Memorable Murders in Movie History

    Here are the forty most memorable movie murders in cinematic history. Because if these scenes haven’t already forever seared themselves into your memory, maybe its just time for a little refresher… Warning: consider this your [...]
  • Football

    The All Time NFL Power Rankings

      1)  Patriots-Founded in 1959 as the Boston Patriots before expanding their base to all of New England in 1971. 6 Super Bowls and 11 conference titles; 17 winning seasons this century Wins: 500 (14th) All-time Win [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest Classic Movies (Pre-1967)

    Using 1967 as a natural dividing line, this list charts the greatest, most influential, foundational, culturally impactful and beloved movies from the birth of cinema to the decline of the studio system and the rise [...]
  • Television

    The Greatest Modern Television Shows

    Couple ground rules.  For starters, we’ll be using 2000 as the demarcation line for what should be considered modern.  This seemed like a natural cutoff point, as premium TV was emerging and the medium was [...]




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