March 31, 2020
  • Baseball

    The All Time MLB Power Rankings

     These are the greatest MLB teams in the history of the sport. Rankings take into account historical legacy, championships won, hall of famers, and degree of sustained success across generations.   1)  Yankees–Established in 1901, [...]
  • Sports

    The All Time Golf Power Rankings

    The top ten greatest golfers of all time, ranked by total major championships, professional victories, and world ranking. 1)  Jack Nicklaus: 18 total majors (6 Masters, 4 US Opens, 3 British Opens, 5 PGA Championships) [...]
  • Baseball

    Baseball’s Mount Rushmore

    Baseball is a game of legends, larger-than-life stars ever ingrained in our public psyche. However, all too often, the off-the-field personalities get lost in the shuffle, dwarfed in the eyes of history by the Babe Ruths and Jackie [...]
  • Basketball

    The All Time NBA Power Rankings

    The top ten most successful NBA teams of all time, ranked by historical success and continued relevance. 1)  Celtics– Founded in 1946. 17 championships and 21 conference titles; 12 winning seasons this century Last Championship: [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest Modern Directors

    The 100 greatest directors in modern film. Works that best typify each artist’s talents are loosely ranked within.  (Must have at least one 21st Century theatrical film to be considered “modern.”) Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999): 2001: [...]





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