The All Time NFL Power Rankings

1)  Packers– Founded in 1919.
9 league championships, 4 Super Bowls and 9 conference titles; 13 winning seasons this century
Wins: 737 (2nd)
All-time Win %: .567 (2nd)
Playoff Appearances: 32 (tied for 1st)
Last Championship: 2010
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach:
Vince Lombardi
The Immortals: Bart Starr, Don Hutson, Reggie White, Brett Favre, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, Aaron Rodgers, Forrest Gregg, Tony Canadeo, Henry Jordan.


2)  Steelers– Founded in 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates before switching to the Steelers in 1940.
6 Super Bowls and 8 conference titles; 13 winning seasons this century
Wins: 619 (4th)
All-time Win %: .529 (12th)
Playoff Appearances: 30 (4th)
Last Championship: 2008
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach: Chuck Noll
The Immortals: Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Jack Lambert, Franco Harris, Rod Woodson, Lynn Swann, Jack Ham, Ben Roethlisberger.


3)  Patriots-Founded in 1959 as the Boston Patriots before expanding their base to all of New England in 1971.
5 Super Bowls and 10 conference titles; 17 winning seasons this century
Wins: 489 (14th)
All-time Win %: .559 (4th)
Playoff appearances: 24 (tied for 11th)
Last Championship: 2017
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach:
Bill Belichick
The immortals: Tom Brady, John Hannah, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Haynes, Andre Tippet, Adam Vinatieri.


4)  Cowboys– Founded in 1960.
5 Super Bowls and 8 conference titles; 9 winning seasons this century
Wins: 502 (11th)
All-time Win %: .573 (1st)
Playoff appearances: 32 (tied for 1st)
Last Championship: 1995
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach:
Tom Landry
The Immortals: Bob Lilly, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Randy White, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Tony Dorsett, Deion Sanders


5)  Bears– Founded in 1919 as the Decatur Staleys.
8 league championships, 1 Super Bowl, and 4 conference titles; 6 winning seasons this century
Wins: 749 (1st)
All-time Win %: .564 (3rd)
Playoff Appearances: 25 (10th)
Last Championship: 1985
Hall of Famers: 31
Defining Coach:
George Halas
The Immortals: Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Bronko Nagurski, Gale Sayers, Sid Luckman, Red Grange, Mike Singletary, Bill George.


6)  49ers– Founded in 1946.
5 Super Bowls and 6 conference titles; 5 winning seasons this century
Wins: 566 (7th)
All-time Win %: .544 (7th)
Playoff appearances: 26 (9th)
Last Championship: 1994
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach:
Bill Walsh
The Immortals: Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Jimmy Johnson, Leo Nemellini, Roger Craig, Dave Wilcox, John Brodie, Patrick Willis.


7)  Giants– Founded in 1925.
4 league championships, 4 Super Bowls and 11 conference titles; 8 winning seasons this century
Wins: 687 (3rd)
All-time Win %: .540 (9th)
Playoff appearances: 32 (tied for 1st)
Last Championship: 2011
Hall of Famers:
Defining Coach:
Bill Parcells
The Immortals: Lawrence Taylor, Michael Strahan, Emlen Tunnell, Phil Simms, Sam Huff.


8)  Browns– Founded in 1946.
8 league championships and 11 conference titles; 2 winning seasons this century
Though today’s Browns are more synonymous with torture and misery, it might be hard to imagine that at one time the North Coast ruled the football universe. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl era has not been kind to Cleveland.
Wins: 509 (11th)
All-time Win %: .512 (16th)
Playoff Appearances: 28 (tied for 5th)
Last Championship: 1964
Hall of Famers: 21
Defining Coach:
Paul Brown
The Immortals: Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Paul Warfield, Lou Groza, Ozzie Newsome.


9)  Redskins– Founded in 1932 as the Boston Braves. However, because some perhaps saw the name Braves as being a bit disrespectful towards Native Americans, they changed their moniker to the Redskins a year later. They moved to Washington in 1937, where they’ve won 2 league championships, 3 Super Bowls and 5 conference titles; 5 winning seasons this century
Wins: 593 (5th)
All-time Win %: .505 (18th)
Playoff Appearances: 24 (tied for 11th)
Last Championship: 1991
Hall of Famers: 23
Defining Coach:
Joe Gibbs
The Immortals: Sammy Baugh, Joe Theismann, Darrell Green, Sonny Jurgensen.


10)  Raiders– Founded in 1960 as the Oakland Senores.
1 league championship, 3 Super Bowls and 4 conference titles; 3 winning seasons this century
Wins: 462 (17th)
All-time Win %: .529 (13th)
Playoff appearances: 22 (tied for 15th)
Last Championship: 1983
Hall of Famers: 19
Defining Coach:
Al Davis, John Madden
The immortals: Gene Upshaw, Jim Otto, Art Shell, Marcus Allen, Willie Brown, Ted Hendricks.


Also in the conversation: Broncos, Dolphins, Colts, Rams, Ravens.


Some less-than-flattering distinctions:
–The Cardinals currently possess the longest championship drought in pro football, dating back to 1947. They also have an appalling 716 losses to their credit, almost 100 more than the next most losing team: the Detroit Lions.
–The Vikings, Bengals, and Falcons are the only teams that have existed 40+ years and are still without a championship. In addition, the Lions, Titans/Oilers, Chargers, Browns, Bills, Jets, and Chiefs have waited over 40 years since their last championship.
–The Buccaneers are the only team with sub-.400 all time win percentage (.392).

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