February 25, 2024
  • Television

    Battle of the Networks: The Current Top Ten

    The top TV networks, ranked by the impact, influence, and quality of both current and formerly-running properties. HBO currently leads Netflix for overall swagger, with FX hot on on their heels.   1) HBO: Launched [...]
  • Sports

    The Ten Greatest Sports Franchises

    New York Yankees In 1920, Babe Ruth joined the New York Yankees. In the 90 years that would follow, the pinstripes would appear in what would feel like almost every other World Series hence, en [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest Modern Screenwriters

    The greatest screenwriters of the big screen, the small screen, and everything in between.  While we fully acknowledge writing a screenplay is a very different act than working in a writer’s room as a showrunner, [...]
  • Movies

    The 100 Greatest Classic Movies (Pre-1967)

    Using 1967 as a natural dividing line, this list charts the greatest, most influential, foundational, culturally impactful and beloved movies from the birth of cinema to the decline of the studio system and the rise [...]
  • Sports

    The 50 Greatest Boxers of the Modern Era

    The 50 greatest pound-for-pound boxers of the modern era (post 1940), ranked by overall record, belts held and legendary fights fought.   1)  Sugar Ray Robinson (1940-1965) Middleweight, welterweight Record: 175-19-6-2 (109 KOs) World welterweight [...]





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