Monday Oct 23

The 20 Best Picks of the 2011 NFL Draft

  1. With the 11th pick, the Houston Texans select J.J. Watt, defensive end out of Wisconsin.
  2. With the 154th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Richard Sherman, defensive back out of Stanford.
  3. With the 4th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select A.J. Green, wide receiver out of Georgia.
  4. With the 7th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Aldon Smith, defensive end out of Missouri.
  5. With the 5th pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Patrick Peterson, cornerback out of LSU.
  6. With the 14th pick, the St. Louis Rams select Robert Quinn, defensive end out of UNC.
  7. With the 2nd pick, the Denver Broncos select Von Miller, linebacker out of Texas A&M.
  8. With the 6th pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Julio Jones, wide receiver out of Alabama.
  9. With the 1st pick, the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, quarterback out of Auburn.
  10. With the 71st pick, the Dallas Cowboys select DeMarco Murray, running back out of Oklahoma.
  11. With the 36th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Colin Kaepernick, quarterback out of Nevada-Reno.
  12. With the 70th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Justin Houston, linebacker out of Georgia.
  13. With the 30th pick, the New York Jets select Muhammad Wilkerson, defensive tackle out of Temple.
  14. With the 3rd pick, the Buffalo Bills select Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle out of Alabama.
  15. With the 9th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Tyron Smith, offensive tackle out of USC.
  16. With the 35th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Andy Dalton, quarterback out of TCU.
  17. With the 24th pick, the New Orleans Saints select Cameron Jordan, defensive end out of Cal.
  18. With the 58th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Torrey Smith, wide receiver out of Maryland.
  19. With the 17th pick, the New England Patriots select Nate Solder, tackle out of Colorado.
  20. With the 16th pick, the Washington Redskins select Ryan Kerrigan, defensive end out of Purdue.




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