Monday Oct 23

The 20 Best Picks of the 1997 NFL Draft

  1. With the 73rd pick, the Miami Dolphins select Jason Taylor, defensive end out of Akron.
  2. With the 13th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Tony Gonzalez, tight end out of California.
  3. With the 66th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Ronde Barber, defensive back out of Virginia.
  4. With the 1st pick, the St. Louis Rams select Orlando Pace, tackle out of Ohio St.
  5. With the 6th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Walter Jones, tackle out of Florida St.
  6. Going undrafted the Baltimore Ravens sign Priest Holmes, running back out of Texas.
  7. With the 60th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Darren Sharper, defensive back out of William & Mary.
  8. With the 36th pick, the New York Giants select Tiki Barber, running back out of Virginia.
  9. With the 8th pick, the New York Jets select James Farrior, linebacker out of Virginia.
  10. With the 44th pick, the Miami Dolphins select Sam Madison, defensive back out of Louisville.
  11. With the 12th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Warrick Dunn, running back out of Florida St.
  12. With the 43rd pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Corey Dillion, running back out of Washington.
  13. With the 28th pick, the Denver Broncos select Trevor Pryce, defensive tackle out of Clemson.
  14. With the 98th pick, the Tennessee Oilers select Derrick Mason, wide receiver out of Michigan St.
  15. With the 4th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Peter Boulware, linebacker out of Florida St.
  16. With the 65th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Dexter Coakley, linebacker out of Appalachian St.
  17. With the 91st pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Mike Vrabel, linebacker out of Ohio St.
  18. With the 19th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Tarik Glenn, tackle out of California.
  19. Going undrafted, the Buffalo Bills sign Pat Williams, defensive tackle out of Texas A&M.
  20. With the 3rd pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Shawn Springs, defensive back out of Ohio St.
Biggest Bust: Bryant Westbrook (selected 5th by the Detroit Lions)

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