Wednesday Jun 28
Written by Josh Katz

Unless you’ve been hiding in the same cave as Osama Bin Laden lately, you are fully aware that Donovan McNabb was dealt to the Washington Dead Skins on Easter Sunday for a bag of practice balls and a stack of free cheese steak coupons. And if you’re in that cave, you’re probably a threat to the United States of America. As a New York Football Giants fan, I was stunned to hear this news, as I am sure most of the NFL community was.  For the past decade, Donovan McNabb has been synonymous with Philadelphia Eagles culture until he was cast away like Tom Hanks. He has given NFC foes headaches and night terrors with his mobility, poise and confidence. (See Below)

  • One Super Bowl trip (kudos to New England)
  • Four NFC Championship appearances
  • Numerous NFC East crowns
  • Six-time Pro-Bowler
  • 2004 NFC Offensive Player of the Year
  • 216 career touches to 100 career INTs
  • Over 32,000 career passing yards
  • 86.5 career QB rating
  • All sorts of Syracuse University records
  • A partridge and a pear tree

Sure, McNabb has had his ups and downs during his tenure in the City of Brotherly Love. He’s been oft injured as of late, criticized for changing his style of play (ask Rush Limbaugh), and destroyed for being unable to raise the Lombardi trophy. But in a league where greatness and continuity do not come along very much, he has been solid as a rock in a city that demands the most from its athletes. Having said that, it is common knowledge that Philadelphia fans are, for lack of a better term, a tough crowd to please. It is my opinion that the same fans that threw snowballs at Santa Claus, chanted “Let’s Go Eagles” at Phillies games and hurled batteries at Clinton Portis’ mother are the same blue-collar numb-skulls that ran Donovan McNabb out of town. I argue this sports fans: the city of Philadelphia made this trade, not Andy Reid or Jeffrey Lurie.

Now I understand that it may have been time for a change. Hell, I voted for Barack, so I get the idea of a fresh start. But it’s not the idea that the Birds traded the 33-year-old McNabb to begin a new era, but that they traded him within the division, to a bitter rival. It was as if to say, “Donovan, you have nothing left. You’re past your prime, so we have no problem lining up to play you – twice in a season, not including potential playoff matchups.” It appears that all the calls in to Philly sports radio and columns in the Philly tabloids finally ushered upper management to trade Donovan to Landover, Maryland. Oh, will they rue the day. Because now McNabb will be playing with something he hasn’t been playing with for a while -- a large chip on his broad shoulders. The same shoulders that carried the City of Philadelphia when no one else would. The same shoulders that dealt with Terrell Owens. The shoulders that took a pounding year after year from solid Cowboy and Giants teams. Lord knows I am no Redskins fan, but I personally hope the boys from DC pummel the Eagles when they play the Eagles. I hope McNabb throws for 450 yards, 4 touches and a perfect passer rating while Kevin “corn on the” Kolb goes 3-22 with 4 picks. Philadelphia fans should stick to what they know: Chase Utley, soft pretzels and Yuengling on tap. NOT trading away the franchise QB who made them relevant for so many years. So Donovan, pack up you Campbell’s chunky soup and strap on that red and yellow helmet. I hope that it’s the most comfortable helmet you’ve worn in a while.

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