Thursday Nov 23

Ten Classic Quotes From Happy Gilmore

1) Shooter McGavin: Damn you people. Go back to your shanties.

2) Happy Gilmore:
The price is wrong, bitch!

3) Nursing Home Orderly (Ben Stiller): You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up! Now, you will go to sleep! Or I will PUT you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You're in MY world now, grandma!

4) Happy Gilmore: You little son of a bitch ball! Why you don't you just go HOME? That's your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME! SUCK MY WHITE ASS, BALL!

5) Shooter McGavin: You're in big trouble though, pal. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!

6) Happy Gilmore: You're gonna die, clown!

7) Chubbs: It's all in the hips. It's all in the hips. It's all in the hips. It's all in the hips.

8) Happy Gilmore:
If saw myself in clothes like that, I'd have to kick my own ass.

9) Happy Gilmore: You know that alligator that got your hand? Well I got his HEAD!

10) Happy Gilmore: Hey, my girlfriend is dead, you know. She fell off a cliff and died on impact.

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