Friday May 26

NFL Draft Day: The Siren Calls

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The NFL draft is like the hot annoying chick your buddy brings to guys’ night out. (yes, ladies we have them too.  Sometimes ya just wanna dance…)  She has no place here.  You certainly don’t want to encourage her presence with added attention; God knows she already gets enough of that wherever else she goes.  This is guys night dammit.  And yet, you’re intrigued.  You just can’t bring yourself to ignore this seductive siren, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve caught up with your old buddies. 

This is baseball season dammit, an old friend come home after a long absence.  And yet, here is the NFL draft with all of its unwarranted hype and fanfare.   We surely can’t positively reinforce this type of intrusive behavior, and yet, can you really help but tune in?  It’s like that instinctive male compulsion to attend to all things football, however overblown and annoying they may be.  So, for better or worse, I will be watching tonight’s draft and switching back and forth with the Sox game.  After all, it is baseball season....

That being said, if there's one thing a draft is good for its making lists, a pastime that we here at Definitive Dose do indeed enjoy for time to time (ie, all the time).   Here we take a look at the 1983 draft, the year of the quarterback.  In sixteen years that followed, the AFC was represented in the Super Bowl by a quarterback from this draft a staggering eleven times. With this treasure trove, its not hard to see why.


*Note: The 20 players below are ranked not only on their level of professional service, but the value that can be derived from where in the draft they were selected.


  1. With the 27th pick, the Miami Dolphins select Dan Marino, Quarterback.  (Pittsburgh)
  2. With the 1st pick, the Baltimore Colts (rights later traded to Denver) select John Elway, Quarterback.  (Stanford)
  3. With the 2nd pick, the Los Angeles Rams (from Houston through Seattle) select Eric Dickerson, Running Back (Southern Methodist)
  4. With the 14th pick, the Buffalo Bills (from Cleveland) select Jim Kelly, Quarterback (Miami, FL)
  5. With the 28th pick, the Washington Redskins select Darrell Green, Cornerback (Texas A&M University)
  6. With the 9th pick, the Houston Oilers (from Seattle) select Bruce Matthews,  Offensive Line (USC)
  7. With the 310th pick, the Denver Broncos select Karl Mecklenburg, Linebacker (Minnesota)
  8. With the 186th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Carl Lee, Defensive back (Marshall)
  9. With the 223 Miami Dolphins select Mark Clayton, Wide receiver (Louisville)
  10. With the 203rd pick, the Chicago Bears select Richard Dent, Defensive end (Tennessee State)
  11. With the 19th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Joey Browner, Defensive Back (USC)
  12. With the 167th pick, the Miami Dolphins select Reggie Roby, Punter (Iowa)
  13. With the 3rd pick, the Seattle Seahawks (from Los Angeles Rams) select Curt Warner, Running Back (Penn State)
  14. With the 4th pick, the Denver Broncos(rights traded to Baltimore) select Chris Hinton, Guard (Northwestern)
  15. With the 6th pick, the Chicago Bears select Jim Covert, Offensive Line (Pittsburgh)
  16. With the 22nd pick, the San Diego Chargers (from San Diego through San Francisco) select Gill Byrd, Cornerback (San Jose State)
  17. With the 24th pick, the New York Jets select Ken O'Brien, Quarterback (UC Davis)
  18. With the 26th pick, the Los Angeles Raiders select Don Mosebar, Offensive Line (USC)
  19. With the 32nd pick, the Los Angeles Rams select Henry Ellard, Wide Receiver (Fresno State)
  20. With the 37th pick, the New York Giants select Leonard Marshall, Defensive Tackle (Louisiana State)

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