Monday Oct 23

The 15 Best Picks of the 2012 NFL Draft

  1. With the 1st pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck, quarterback out of Standford.
  2. With the 75th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Russell Wilson, quarterback out of Wisconsin.
  3. With the 9th pick, the Carolina Panthers select Luke Kuechly, linebacker out of Boston College.
  4. With the 58th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Lavonte David, linebacker out of Nebraska.
  5. Going undrafted, the Cincinnati Bengals sign Vontaze Burfict, linebacker out of Arizona St.
  6. With the 88th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select Nick Foles, quarterback out of Aizona.
  7. With the 4th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Matt Kalil, tackle out of USC.
  8. With the 92nd pick, the Indianapolis Colts select T.Y. Hilton, wide receiver out of Florida International.
  9. With the 173rd pick, the Washington Redskins select Alfred Morris, running back out of Florida Atlantic.
  10. With the 176th pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Mike Harris, cornerback out of Florida St.
  11. With the 45th pick, the Chicago Bears select Alshon Jeffrey, wide receiver out of South Carolina.
  12. With the 11th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Dontari Poe, defensive tackle out of Memphis.
  13. With the 47th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Bobby Wagner, linebacker out of Utah St.
  14. With the 31st pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Doug Martin, running back out of Boise St.
  15. With the 2nd pick, the Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III, quarterback out of Baylor.



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