Monday Oct 23

The 10 Best Picks of the 1991 NFL Draft

  1. With the 33rd pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Brett Favre, quarterback out of Southern Miss.
  2. With the 59th pick, the Phoenix Cardinals select Aeneas Williams, defensive back out of Saginaw Valley St.
  3. With the 10th pick, the Detroit Lions select Herman Moore, wide receiver out of Virginia.
  4. With the 45th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Ricky Waters, running back out of Notre Dame.
  5. With the 63rd pick, the New York Jets select Mo Lewis, linebacker out of Georgia.
  6. With the 326th pick, the Washington Redskins select Keenan McCardell, wide receiver out of UNLV.
  7. With the 25th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Ted Washington, nose tackle out of Louisville.
  8. With the 124th pick, the New England Patriots select Ben Coates, tight end out of Livingstone.
  9. With the 70th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Erik Williams, tackle out of Central State (OH).
  10. With the 113th pick, the Miami Dolphins select Brian Cox, linebacker out of West, Illinois.
Biggest Bust: Bruce Pickens (selected 3rd by the Atlanta Falcons)



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