Monday Oct 23

The 10 Best Picks of the 1994 NFL Draft

  1. With the 2nd pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Marshall Faulk, running back out of San Diego St.
  2. Going undrafted, the Green Bay Packers sign Kurt Warner, quarterback out of Northern Iowa.
  3. With the 33rd pick, the Los Angeles Rams select Isaac Bruce, wide receiver out of Memphis.
  4. With the 7th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select  Bryant Young, defensive tackle out of Notre Dame.
  5. Going undrafted, the Denver Broncos sign Rod Smith, wide receiver out of Missouri Southern St.
  6. With the 36th pick the Seattle Seahawks select Kevin Mawae, center out of LSU.
  7. With the 218th pick, the Denver Broncos select Tom Nalen, center out of Boston College.
  8. With the 46th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Larry Allen, guard out of Sonoma St.
  9. With the 4th pick, the New England Patriots select Willie McGinest, defensive end out of USC.
  10. With the 145th pick, the San Diego Chargers select Rodney Harrison, defensive back out of Western Illinois.
Biggest Bust: Heath Shuler (selected 3rd by the Washington Redskins)



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