Monday Oct 23

The 20 Best Picks of the 2008 NFL Draft

  1. With the 3rd pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, quarterback out of Boston College.
  2. With the 73rd pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Jamaal Charles, running back out of Texas.
  3. With the 55th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Ray Rice, running back out of Rutgers.
  4. With the 18th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Joe Flacco, quarterback out of Delaware.
  5. With the 12th pick, the Denver Broncos select Ryan Clady, tackle out of Boise St.
  6. With the 164th pick, the New Orleans Saints select Carl Nicks, tackle out of Nebraska.
  7. With the 44th pick, the Chicago Bears select Matt Forte, running back out of Tulane.
  8. With the 19th pick, the New England Patriots select Jerod Mayo, linebacker out of Tennessee.
  9. With the 1st pick, the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long, tackle out of Michigan.
  10. With the 49th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select DeSean Jackson, wide receiver out of Cal.
  11. With the 20th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Aqib Talib, defensive back out of Kansas.
  12. With the 4th pick, the Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden, running back out of Arkansas.
  13. With the 24th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Chris Johnson, running back out of East Carolina.
  14. With the 205th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Pierre Garcon, wide receiver out of Mount Union.
  15. With the 36th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Jordy Nelson, wide receiver out of Kansas St.
  16. With the 26th pick, the Houston Texans select Duane Brown, tackle out of Virginia Tech.
  17. With the 135th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Josh Sitton, tackle out of Central Florida.
  18. With the 35th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Brandon Flowers, defensive back out of Virginia Tech.
  19. With the 91st pick, the Green Bay Packers select Jermichael Finley, tight end out of Texas.
  20. With the 224th pick, the Buffalo Bills select Steve Johnson, wide receiver out of Kentucky.

Biggest Bust: Vernon Gholston (selected 6th by the New York Jets)



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