Monday Oct 23

The 25 Best Picks of the 2005 NFL Draft

  1. With the 24th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Aaron Rodgers, quarterback out of California.
  2. With the 11th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select DeMarcus Ware, linebacker out of Troy.
  3. With the 65th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Frank Gore, running back out of Miami (FL).
  4. With the 32nd pick, the New England Patriots select Logan Mankins, offensive guard out of Fresno State.
  5. With the 74th pick, the New York Giants select Justin Tuck, defensive end out of Notre Dame.
  6. With the 27th pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Roddy White, wide receiver out of UAB.
  7. With the 15th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Derrick O. Johnson, linebacker out of Texas.
  8. With the 61st pick, the San Diego Chargers select Vincent Jackson, wide receiver out of Northern Colorado.
  9. With the 146th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles (via Washington) select Trent Cole, defensive end out of Cincinnati.
  10. With the 12th pick, the San Diego Chargers (via New York Giants) select Shawne Merriman, linebacker out of Maryland.
  11. Going undrafted, the New York Giants sign Cameron Wake, linebacker out of Penn St.
  12. With the 8th pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Antrel Rolle, defensive back out of Miami.
  13. With the 224th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Jay Ratliff, defensive tackle out of Auburn.
  14. With the 41st pick, the Tennessee Titans (via Detroit) select Michael Roos, offensive tackle out of Eastern Washington.
  15. With the 2nd pick, the Miami Dolphins select Ronnie Brown, running back out of Auburn.
  16. With the 4th pick, the Chicago Bears select Cedric Benson, running back out of Texas.
  17. With the 130th pick, the San Diego Chargers select Darren Sproles, running back out of Kansas St.
  18. With the 3rd pick, the Cleveland Browns select Braylon Edwards, wide receiver out of Michigan.
  19. With the 45th pick, the Seattle Seahawks (via Carolina) select Lofa Tatupu, linebacker out of USC.
  20. Going undrafted, the Cleveland Browns sign Josh Cribbs, kick returner out of Kent State.
  21. With the 51st pick, the Green Bay Packers (via New Orleans) select Nick Collins, safety out of Bethune-Cookman.
  22. With the 13th pick, the New Orleans Saints (via Houston) select Jammal Brown, offensive tackle out of Oklahoma.
  23. With the 30th pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Heath Miller, tight end out of Virginia.
  24. With the 1st pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Alex Smith, quarterback out of Utah.
  25. With the 110th pick, the New York Giants select Brandon Jacobs, running back out of Southern Illinois.
Biggest Bust: Troy Williamson (selected 8th by the Minnesota Vikings)



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