Monday Oct 23

The 25 Best Picks of the 2000 NFL Draft

  1. With the 199th pick, the New England Patriots select Tom Brady, quarterback out of Michigan.
  2. With the 9th pick, the Chicago Bears select Brian Urlacher, linebacker out of New Mexico.
  3. With the 19th pick, the Seattle Seahawks (via Dallas) select Shaun Alexander, running back out of Alabama.
  4. With the 2nd pick, the Washington Redskins (via New Orleans) select LaVar Arrington, linebacker out of Penn State.
  5. With the 3rd pick, the Washington Redskins (via San Francisco) select Chris Samuels, tackle out of Alabama.
  6. With the 5th pick, the Baltimore Ravens (via Atlanta) select Jamal Lewis, running back out of Tennessee.
  7. With the Miami Dolphins select Adewale Ogunleye, defensive end out of Indiana.
  8. With the Kansas City Chiefs select Brian Waters, guard out of North Texas.
  9. With the 13th pick, the New York Jets (via San Diego through Tampa Bay) select John Abraham, defensive end out of South Carolina.
  10. With the 7th pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Thomas Jones, running back out of Virginia.
  11. With the 30th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Keith Bulluck, linebacker out of Syracuse.
  12. With the 8th pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Plaxico Burress, wide receiver out of Michigan State.
  13. With the 16th pick, the San Francisco 49ers (via New England through New York Jets) select Julian Peterson, linebacker out of Michigan State.
  14. With the 12th pick, the New York Jets (via Carolina through Washington and San Francisco) select Shaun Ellis, defensive end out of Tennessee.
  15. With the 186th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Adalius Thomas, linebacker out of Southern Mississippi.
  16. With the 168th pick, the New Orleans Saints select Marc Bulger, quarterback out of West Virginia.
  17. With the 142nd pick, the Oakland Raiders select Shane Lechler, punter out of Texas A&M.
  18. With the 15th pick, the Denver Broncos (from Baltimore) select Deltha O'Neal, defensive back out of California.
  19. With the 39th pick, the Chicago Bears select Mike Brown, strong safety out of Nebraska.
  20. With the 44th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Chad Clifton, tackle out of Tennessee.
  21. With the 59th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Marcus Washington, linebacker out of Auburn.
  22. With the 78th pick, the New York Jets select Laveranues Coles, wide receiver out of Florida State.
  23. With the 153rd pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Dante Hall, wide receiver out of Texas A&M.
  24. With the 169th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Neil Rackers, kicker out of Illinois.
  25. With the 17th pick, the Oakland Raiders select Sebastian Janikowski, kicker out of Florida State.
Biggest Bust: Courtney Brown (selected 1st by the Cleveland Browns)



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