Monday Oct 23

The 25 Best Picks of the 1996 NFL Draft

  1. With the 26th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Ray Lewis, linebacker out of Miami.
  2. With the 89th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Terrell Owens, wide receiver out of Tennessee-Chattanooga.
  3. After going undrafted, the New England Patriots sign Adam Vinatieri, kicker out of South Dakota State.
  4. With the 4th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Jonathan Ogden, tackle out of UCLA.
  5. With the 19th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Marvin Harrison, wide receiver out of Syracuse.
  6. With the 61st pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select Brian Dawkins, free safety out of Clemson.
  7. With the 35th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Mike Alstott, fullback out of Purdue.
  8. With the 14th pick, the Houston Oilers select Eddie George, running back out of Ohio State.
  9. With the 154th pick, the Miami Dolphins select Zach Thomas, linebacker out of Texas Tech.
  10. With the 166th pick, the Oakland Raiders select La'Roi Glover, defensive tackle out of San Diego State.
  11. With the 98th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Donnie Edwards, linebacker out of UCLA.
  12. With the 36th pick, the New England Patriots select Lawyer Milloy, strong safety out of Washington.
  13. With the 86th pick, the New England Patriots select Tedy Bruschi, linebacker out of Arizona.
  14. With the 10th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Willie Anderson, tackle out of Auburn.
  15. With the 135th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Joe Horn, wide receiver out of Itawamba J.C.
  16. With the 1st pick, the New York Jets select Keyshawn Johnson, wide receiver out of USC.
  17. With the 3rd pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Simeon Rice, defensive end out of Illinois.
  18. With the 23rd pick, the Detroit Lions select Jeff Hartings, guard out of Penn State.
  19. With the 24th pick, the Buffalo Bills select Eric Moulds, wide receiver out of Mississippi State.
  20. With the 43rd pick, the Carolina Panthers select Muhsin Muhammad, wide receiver out of Michigan State.
  21. With the 102nd pick, the Washington Redskins select Stephen Davis, running back out of Auburn.
  22. With the 208th pick, the Green Bay Packers select Marco Rivera, guard out of Penn State.
  23. With the 7th pick, the New England Patriots select Terry Glenn, wide receiver out of Ohio State.
  24. With the 34th pick, the New York Giants select Amani Toomer, wide receiver out of Michigan.
  25. With the 15th pick, the Denver Broncos select John Mobley, linebacker out of Kutztown.
Biggest Bust: Cedric Jones (selected 5th by the New York Giants)

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