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All-Time Heisman Winners

They say that the Heisman trophy is awarded not to who will make the best NFL player, but to who was the most outstanding college player of the previous year.  For every Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen that goes on to tremendous professional success, there is a Eric Crouch or Jason White that barely lasts an NFL snap. Here's a look at the 10 Heisman winners who had the greatest success in the NFL.

  1. Barry Sanders (1988)         Oklahoma St           (RB)     Jr.
  2. Roger Staubach (1963)      Navy                     (QB)     Jr.
  3. Marcus Allen (1981)           USC                      (RB)     Sr.
  4. Tony Dorsett (1976)           Pittsburgh              (RB)     Sr.
  5. O.J. Simpson (1968)          USC                       (RB)     Jr.
  6. Earl Campbell (1977)         Texas                    (RB)     Sr.
  7. Tim Brown (1987)              Notre Dame            (WR)    Sr.
  8. Paul Hornung (1956)         Notre Dame            (QB)     Sr.
  9. Billy Sims (1978)               Oklahoma               (RB)     Jr.
  10. Eddie George (1995)          Ohio St                  (RB)     Sr.

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Ingram is gonna be a great NFL running back
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