Monday Sep 26

The Top 25 Chappelle's Show Skits

Definitive Dose fondly recalls the 25 most hilarious Chappelle's show skits.  Mmm Mmm bitch!!

  1. Reparations
  2. Tyrone Biggums Classroom Visit
  3. The N*ggar Family
  4. Jury Selection
  5. Rick James: Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories
  6. HBO: Real Sex Street Interview
  7. R. Kelly's "Piss On You" music videos
  8. Wayne Brady's Show
  9. The Mad Real World
  10. Samuel Jackson beer
  11. Clayton Bigsbey, Black White Supremacist
  12. Zapped
  13. Wrap It Up
  14. Fisticuffs: Turn My Headphones Up
  15. Dave on MTV Cribs
  16. Black Bush
  17. Trading Spouses
  18. Wu-Tang Financial
  19. Prince: Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories
  20. When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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