Monday Oct 23

The 30 Greatest South Park Moments

16 seasons after Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny first entered our living rooms, South Park continues to be one of the most brilliant, provocative, and downright hilarious shows on TV.  After sifting through 230 episodes, here are Definitive Dose's picks for the 30 most awesomely hilarious moments thus far.

  1. $3.50--Watch Clip
  2. Dey Tuk er Jobs! --   Watch Clip
  3. Stupid Mongorians! -- Watch Clip
  4. Scott Tennerman Eats Cartman's Chili con Carne --   Watch Clip
  5. "People Who Annoy You" -- Watch Clip
  6. Kyle's Mom's A Bitch--Watch Clip
  7. Trapped in the Closet --   Watch Clip
  8. Tacos and Burritos --   Watch Clip
  9. A Lonely Jew On Christmas-- Watch Clip
  10. Lemiwinks --   Watch Clip
  11. Kanye is a Gay Fish, Yo-- Watch Clip
  12. "Whateva, I Do What I Want!"-- Watch Clip
  13. Mr. Jefferson's Slumber Party -- Watch Clip
  14. "Towelie, You're The Worst Character Ever" --   Watch Clip
  15. Chocolate Salty Balls -- Watch Clip
  16. Cartman's Dry Balls Dream -- Watch Clip
  17. Montage! -- Watch Clip
  18. Cartman Takes The Passion Too Far-  Watch Clip
  19. Professor Chaos Goes Anime-  Watch Clip
  20. Randy Chases The Dragon -- Watch Clip
  21. "They Put A Little Suit On Him!"--Watch Clip
  22. "Stick Your Finger In My Thresher"- Watch Clip
  23. Cripple Fight!! --   Watch Clip
  24. Cartmen Sings Poker Face- Watch Clip
  25. World of Warcraft- Watch Clip
  26. "No Kitty This Is My Pot Pie!"-  Watch Clip
  27. Jew Gold- Watch Clip
  28. Chef Returns- Watch Clip
  29. Butt Faces -- Watch Clip
  30. Douche and a Turd Sandwich-- Watch Clip

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